Elbit’s supply of ammunition to Israel passed $760 million 10/06/2024 | Fabio Di Felice

In accordance with the last released company’s Annual Report, Elbit Systems announced that it has been awarded a group of contracts for a total amount of approximately $760 million for the supply of ammunition to the Israeli Ministry of Defence (IMOD).

The contracts will be performed over a period of 2 years. The types of ammunition that were ordered are, at this stage, classified, however many of them are part of the rush of local procurement deals made after the Hamas attack on Oct. 7, to support Operation SWORDS OF IRON. In detail, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) had moved from $60 million in 155mm ammunition before the war up to $760 million after the beginning of the conflict, with a total IMOD purchase in military items of $1.64 billion.

Elbit Systems is a leading global defence technology company, and it is able to develop, manufacture, integrate, and sustain a range of next-generation solutions across multiple domains. It employs approximately 19,000 people in dozens of countries across 5continents with $6.0 billion in revenues and an order backlog of $17.8 billion. Due to this material increased demand for its solutions, and the already announced additional orders, the company had delayed/canceled the closure of a factory in central Israel, as announced to local media. As reported, Elbit is able to offer smaller caliber ammunition, such as 5,56mm and 7,62 up to ammunition for tanks, artillery, mortars, and other weapon systems.

In the IMOD purchasing list, there are also “tens of thousands” of small arms to be acquired from local companies, including AR-type rifles as well as the Israeli TAVOR rifle. Advanced video management systems, power management systems, and harnesses, for armored fighting vehicles have been ordered for $100 million to IMCO, as announced by the Israeli company. The systems will go on MERKAVA tanks, as well as the NAMER APC and the new EITAN APC which the IDF pushed in the fight at the beginning of the war. In accordance with the IMCO statement, the systems will be delivered over 6 years.

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