The future of the Italian Airpower 15/10/2015 | Robbin Laird

This report manged by Robbin Laird from Second Line of Defense (www.sldinfo.com) looks at the evolution of Italian airpower under the impact of the introduction of the F-35 and the modernization of the Eurofighter. The Italians, like the British, are undergoing a double transition, whereby the Eurofighter is being modernized in two ways: namely, subsuming air-to-ground missions and facilitating the transition in the replacement of the Tornado by adding a new AESA radar to the airplane, and introducing the F-35 to help shape joint force transformation. In the Italian case, the new Cameri facility is a key element for the Italian Air Force, Located on an Italian Air Force base used for logistics, the Italian government under the management of Alenia Aermacchi (AAeM) has built a 22 building facility to support the F-35 program. 

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