Khalifa University and ELT Group Sign MoU to Establish Center of Excellence in Electromagnetic Spectrum Applications in Abu Dhabi 15/02/2024 | Redazione

ELT group and Khalifa University of Science and Technology today announced they have signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) to expand the knowledge of the management of the Electromagnetic Spectrum in the UAE. The MoU was signed by Dr. Ebrahim Al Hajri, SVP, Support Services Khalifa University, and Paolo Izzo, Chief Sales Officer, ELT Group.

The main objectives of this cooperation will be the collaboration in the areas of academic research and teaching, in accordance with Khalifa University's mandate, in the field of EMS Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Application, with a view to enhance the skills and knowledge of human capital at Khalifa University and within the UAE. The EMS application Centre of excellence will be a digital laboratory gymnasium where the latest generation of electromagnetic spectrum equipment are simulated allowing Khalifa University students to apply it to their studies.

Dr. Ebrahim Al Hajri, SVP, Support Services, and Associate Professor, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Khalifa University, said: "We are delighted to partner with the ELT Group in establishing the Center of Excellence for the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum Applications (EMSA) at Khalifa University. Khalifa University within its faculty, has considerable specialist experience in this area. We believe this MoU will pave the way further to expand our activities and associated programs, and develop our laboratory capabilities through state-of-the-art equipment available to students and researchers."

Enzo Benigni, President and CEO, ELT Group, said: "It is my pleasure to sign this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Khalifa University of Science and Technology in order to establish a Center of Excellence for the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum Application. I'm deeply impressed by this exceptional establishment in Abu Dhabi, distinguished by its world-class facilities. Its firm commitment to innovation is pivotal in transforming both Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates into leading innovation hubs of ingenuity and progress. The signature of Memorandum of Understanding is a concrete sign of our intent to impart our 70 years of experience to new generations of Emirati engineers. Khalifa University students will have access to a digital laboratory gymnasium where the latest generation of electromagnetic spectrum equipment are simulated, enabling them to excel in the marketplace related to EMS application, with advanced academic and practical certification paths."

ELT Group has a long history of collaboration with the United Arab Emirates established in the early 1990s when it started offering cutting-edge products across the fields of Electronic Warfare (EW) to support the country's defense capabilities. The company's presence in the country for over 40 years has contributed to the growth of technologies and skills actively cooperating with the Armed Forces. The signing of this MoU is an opportunity for ELT to enrich Khalifa University engineers capabilities in the area of Electromagnetic Spectrum applications, to enhance the ingenuity and the progress of Khalifa University noticeable as a world-class leading innovation hub.

Globally-ranked Khalifa University excels in research and innovation in ESMA with researchers making progress towards a new way of generating terahertz radiation at room temperature, which could be useful for detecting toxic gases, explosives, and even diseases. In another significant achievement, a Khalifa University researcher recently received the Young Scientist Award from the Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale during the 35th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (URSI GASS) 2023 for her work on the significance of kappa distributed electrons, on electrostatic solitary waves (ESW) in the magnetosphere of planet Saturn. The award recognizes young individuals – less than 35 years of age – who have made innovative contributions and discoveries in multidisciplinary research related to radio science, which is the study of all aspects of electromagnetic fields and waves.

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