First AVANTI EVO delivered 20/04/2015 | Redazione

The first Piaggio Aerospace AVANTI EVO aircraft has been delivered in Genoa to a Greek customer for charter operations. The delivered AVANTI EVO has Extended Range and Full Optional configuration. It is characterised by the typical “Made in Italy” style. Its interiors comprise VIP seats developed by Iacobucci HF and covered with top class leather by Poltrona Frau. Its refined livery adopts the classical Avanti EVO colours (blue and white) adorned by an outlined red bird painted on the vertical stabilizer. Third generation of P.180 AVANTI, the AVANTI EVO increases its performance, efficiency and comfort. Able to carry up to 7 passengers and capable of flying at a maximum cruise speed of 404 Kts, (745 km/h) with a range IFR of 1.770 nm (3,278 km), a climbing rate of 2.770 fpm (844 m/per minute) and can fly up to a service ceiling of 41,000 feet (12.500 m). As regards the AVANTI EVO fuel consumption, it is 40% lower than that of jet planes of the same class and makes AVANTI EVO one of the most environmentally friendly aircraft in its market segment, with a low level of emissions. A low noise power plant, where the turbines are fitted with counter-rotating 5-blades scimitar propellers, permits a 68% reduction of the community noise making the AVANTI EVO a better neighbour.


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