Elettronica partner of Abu Dhabi Ship Building for the supply of the EW System for Angola Navy's corvette 22/02/2023 | Redazione

In the framework of the contract between ADSB-Abu Dhabi Ship Building (EDGE Group) and the Angolan Navy for the supply of Corvettes, announced during IDEX, Elettronica announces that has been selected for the supply of the EW System.


The integration of the mutual capabilities was successful experienced in previous programs between Elettronica and ADSB and this new collaboration confirms the commitment to keep working together.


Enzo Benigni, President and CEO of Elettronica, quoted 'This important export operation recognizes the maturity and the excellence achieved in the industrial and technological fields by ADSB. This agreement makes Elettronica particularly proud of this collaboration and confident about the even more challenging objectives that can be achieved together in the future, providing the Country with the resilience and sovereignty necessary in a moment of profound geopolitical complexity'

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