Elettronica group will attend the 30th edition of IDEX Exhibition held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre between 20th and 24th February.

In this period where UAE has significantly increased its role as stabilization Country and reference for the peace in the region, IDEX 2023 is the occasion for Elettronica to confirm its commitment to support to the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces strengthening the three decades strong relationship.

At Elettronica’s stand (06-A04) visitors can learn more about Elettronica’s involvement with UAE and discover the capabilities the Italian company provides to meet today’s and tomorrow’s defence and security challenge, providing leading edge EW solutions in the EW. The firm will showcase its solutions, capabilities and products applicable to the air ground and naval domains. The control and dominance of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is the base of the modern defence doctrine, is not limited to the most advanced technologies, but also implement the latest generation of the last generation of including artificial intelligence, big data analysis and cyber security.


The long history of relations between Elettronica and United Arab Emirates started back in the early 1990s when the Italian Company, began providing the Gulf country with Electronic Warfare (EW) equipment. In the last decades Elettronica has worked hard with its Emirati counterparts to ensure that personnel, ships, vehicles and aircraft are strongly protected by state-of-the-art EW systems that save lives and protect platforms.

The exhibition will be the occasion to showcase the following advanced capabilities:


Active Integrated SPS for CSAR missions

All military and law enforcement Helicopters are facing a more dynamic, multispectral threat environment, in both symmetric and asymmetric scenarios. The most exposed one is certainly the Combat Search and Rescue Helicopter (CSAR) that must survive a high-density kinetic scenario from the start to the end of the mission.

Elettronica, strong of its experience in EW since 1951, includes in its product line a full CSAR self-protection suite which adopts a multi-spectral active Jammer (RF and IR) currently in operation on CSAR HH101 helicopters fleet of the Italian Air Force. The Suite actively protects the platform against long and medium range Radio-Frequency (RF) GtoA radars of the Air Defence, as well as the very short range against the last generation MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense System) threats with dual-band/imaging seeker. These last threats are commonly seen in scenarios like counter-terrorism, drug war, peace keeping/enforcement, humanitarian missions.


The adoption of the last technologies in the microwave MMIC based on GaN join adoption of the Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA), the last developed since the ‘90s, allows the availability of RF Jammer, compact in size, low weight and low power consumption granting a directive high power signal.

Elettronica is pursuing the latest technologies also in the DIRCM systems, having developed and qualified the Quantum Cascade Laser (QLC). QCL energy is generated directly in the band of interest, optimizing power consumption at the same time as output beam. Elettronica implements these technologies in the new product ELT/577 QUIRIS, as the first ITAR free, fully developed in Europe and one of the most advanced in the market. QUIRIS is already adopted by the IT Army on board of the last generation “Nuovo Elicottero da Esplorazione e Scorta” (NEES) AH-249. The Self Protection Suite for the NEES also includes the new latest generation of fully digital ELT/162 Radar Warning Receiver.


TIEAS -Tactical Integrated Electronic Attack System

The TIEAS (Tactical Integrated Electronic Attack System) is a very powerful integrated system-of-systems supporting GBAD. It is integrated with several networked, mobile, rapidly-deployable Electronic Attack Stations (EAS) based on IEWS (Integrated Electronic Warfare System). EAS operates in integrated mode by an electronic attack command and control to provide a coordinated EA activity which guarantees effectiveness and survivability.

The TIEAS mission is to:

•            Provide situation awareness and ELINT on opponent assets and emitters through the compilation of an Electronic Order of Battle (EOB).

•            Detect an opponent’s emitters located “deep” in neutral/enemy territory thus anticipating a vital early warning information in effectively counter any likely aggression.

•            Allow the local or regional air picture in case supporting Air Defence radars are switched off to avoid ARM attack.

•            Deny the use of the electromagnetic spectrum to the threat, acting both in reactive mode for area protection against airborne radars (e.g. Fire Control Radars, Air to Ground radars) and Ground radars (weapon locating, and battlefield surveillance radars) and providing electronic attack for in a preventive mode against Modern Airborne Early Warning radars and ELINT/ESM/RWR systems.

The EAS can operate in a stand-alone mode, using its own receiver as ESM, or may be cued by an external EW system.


The TIEAS could include also a Radar Decoy Station which can emulate a radar signals in order to spoof the enemy’s ESM/RWR systems according to a fast-flexible remote reprogramming in order to be adaptive to the scenario evolution.

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