CY4Gate intelligence solutions 24/02/2015 | Pietro Batacchi

CY4 Gate makes its debut in a defense exibition this year at IDEX. The company is a new joint venture between the italian EW champion Elettronica and Expert Systems, another italian company specialized in the semantic intelligence systems and already provider of the US DoD. The joint venture, 70% Elettronica and 30% Expert Systems, was officially launched the last december in Rome as a new society aiming at merging the Elettronica’s capabilities in the radio signals domain with the Expert Systems’ competencies and skills in the semantic and data analysis. More in detail the new company will operate in the Cyber Elctronic Warfare (CEW) field as it will manufacture a package of products to enable the analysis of the not structured and big data passing through radio signals and wireless networks. These solutions can be adopted from government and intelligence agencies to allow a complete understanding of data along all the intelligence and information cycles.

CY4 Gate will use some teghologies already developed by Elettronica in the Cyber Electronic Warfare domain, in some products as, for example, the so called LOKI Plus, to develope its know how base aiming at building a property catologue and portfolio. 

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