Bangladesh Navy selects SEASPRAY 5000E 12/09/2017 | Redazione

Leonardo has signed a contract with RUAG Aviation, original equipment manufacturer and type certificate holder of the Dornier 228 aircraft, to provide its SEASPRAY 5000E Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars for the two new production model Dornier 228 multirole aircraft, recently ordered by the Bangladesh Navy. The new aircraft will be used to help monitor and protect Bangladesh’s 120.000 square kilometres of maritime territorial area and exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The radars will be delivered in 2018. SEASPRAY, which can detect small targets in rough seas, will be used by the Bangladesh Navy to conduct anti-smuggling and anti-pollution missions and for the prevention of illegal fishing and migration. Because the radar is particularly suited to search-and-rescue tasks, the new SEASPRAY equipped multirole aircraft will also be able to help protect the lives of sailors during natural disasters. This is of particular importance to the Bangladesh Navy as the Bay of Bengal is prone to cyclones and hurricanes. Leonardo’s AESA surveillance radars are in-service internationally, including with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, and continue to be selected in the world’s most demanding competitions, such as the US Navy’s MQ-8C FIRE SCOUT programme. In total, 30 international customers have chosen Leonardo AESA radars. As well as providing AESA surveillance radars, Leonardo is Europe’s leader in fire control radar. The company provides the RAVEN ES-05 AESA radar for Saab’s GRIPEN-E combat jet and leads the pan-European Euroradar consortium in the development of the TYPHOON’s new CAPTOR-E AESA radar.

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