Leonardo to upgrade UK TYPHOON'S EW 17/07/2017 | Pietro Batacchi

Leonardo to upgrade Defensive Aids Sub System (DASS), known as PRAETORIAN, of the RAF's Eurofighter TYPHOON fighters under a contract between NETMA agency and Eurofighter consortium. The work will allow the aircraft to meet the Royal Air Force’s future operational requirements and is part of a continuous capability evolution to ensure UK Typhoons can identify and defeat known and emerging threats. PRAETORIAN is a completely integrated suite of protective electronic systems installed on the TYPHOON, which includes ECM, ESM, MWS (Missile Warning Systm) and dispenser chaff and flare systems. Leonardo leads the EuroDASS consortium (which also includes HENSOLDT, Elettronica and Indra) and is co-design authority of the systems together with Italian Elettronica. A majority of the UK’s fighters new capability enhancement contract will be carried out by Leonardo at its electronic warfare centre in Luton, UK, while integration work and airworthiness clearances will be carried out by the UK’s TYPHOON prime contractor BAE Systems in Warton, UK. Overall, Leonardo provides more than 60% of the avionics for the Typhoon, including leading the consortia responsible for providing the aircraft’s radar CAPTOR-M and Infrared Search and Track (IRST) system PIRATE. The company is responsible for around 36% of the Typhoon’s overall program value, which includes parts of the aircraft’s structure, avionics and on-board electronics. In a further technology development, Leonardo is currently leading the EuroRADAR consortium in the development of the CAPTOR-E (E-Scan) radar which will replace the currently in service CAPTOR-M.

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