Italy considers role in Mosul and Raqqa 12/07/2017 | Pietro Batacchi

Italy will participate in the reconstruction of the city of Mosul, just liberated from the so called Islamic State. The Italian commitment has been expressed in a bilateral meeting in Washington between the Pentagon Chief James Mattis and Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti. Mattis has explained that the administration and public order in Mosul cannot leave in the hands of the Iraqi Army and the affiliated militias. The city needs local police forces to be rebuilt and trained, a task perfectly suited for the Italian Carabinieri that the US Def. Sec. praising during the opening section of the press conference. The Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti has confirmed her country's availability to join security and stabilization operations in Mosul but maintaining "the present numbers of our mission". Italy has currently 1.400 soldiers in Iraq, 500 of them deployed to protect the Mosul's dam. By the end of this year, the work at Mosul's dam should be completed and the 500 soldiers could be replaced by trainers to be deployed to Mosul to form local police forces. At the same time Roberta Pinotti said to the Italian press that Italy is ready to also assess any possible commitment in Syria if there will be the right political conditions and when the city of Raqqa will be liberated.

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