P1HH HAMMERHEAD restarts flight activities 06/07/2017 | Redazione

The Piaggio Aerospace P1HH HAMMERHEAD “super-MALE” UAV has restarted experimental flight activities at Trapani Birgi International Airport. The Italian based company, owned by the UAE holding Mubadala, said the activities concern the second prototype of the P.1HH HAMMERHEAD. The resumption of experimental flights follows an intense test program carried out in the past months. The activities are taking place with the support from the Italian Minister of Defence and Italian Air Force as they have the responsibility of the certification process of the aircraft. Piaggio Aerospace develops P1HH jointly with Leonardo. The latter is in charge for the mission system SKYISTAR, based on the new solid state T-80 PLUS GABBIANO radar with advanced SAR, ISAR and GMTI capabilities, and for the control systems package of the aircraft. The completion of aircraft development and the deliveries to the first customer UAE Armed Forces are expected in 2018. The UAE Armed Forces ordered the P1HH last year under a contract with the local firm ADASI (Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investments), responsible for UAVs sector on behalf of the UAE government. The award included the deliveries of 8 aircraft to be produced at the Piaggio Aerospace Albenga site.

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