GE Aviation aims at military with ATP 14/06/2017 | Redazione

A dedicated team lead by Avio Aero, a GE Aviation business unit located in Torino (Italy), is set to work on a military variant of the ATP (Advanced Turboprop) engine. In particular, General Electric's new ATP engine is the result of nearly a decade of investments of GE to build an 850-1600 shaft horsepower engine program focused on business and general aviation turboprop segment. The multinational giant spent more than five years working on a new engine design with power output hitting as high as 1650 shp that would enable GE to compete and win in the aforementioned segment. This effort paid off in the fall of 2015 when Textron Aviation announced it would use the ATP for its all-new, single engine turboprop Cessna DENALI. GE's all-new Advanced Turboprop features an industry-best 16:1 Overall Pressure Ratio (OPR) enabling the engine to achieve as much as 20% lower fuel burn and 10% higher cruise power compared to currently available market solutions in the same size class with more than 4.000-hour time between overhaul (TBO). The ATP is also the first-ever turboprop to feature additive-manufactured parts. It will utilize more additive parts than any production engine in aviation history; 855 traditionally manufactured parts will be reduced to 12 additive parts. Additive components allow to reduce the ATP’s weight by 5% while contributing a 1% improvement in Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC). The significant performance enhancements, together with the highest safety standards, make the ATP therefore suited for the next generation of turboprop military trainers as well as UAVs. Avio Aero decided to set up a specialized team responsible to manage the military variants of the ATP, without interfering with the team working on the civil variant adopted for the DENALI.

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